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Lëtzebuerg 2023

October 2022 - April 2023

According to STATEC, the age groups from 18 to 34 years old are largely under-represented in Luxembourg elections in 2011 (5% for 18/24 year olds and 6% for 25/34 year olds). These numbers remained stable for the 2017 elections.

According to the same report, young people lack interest in elections because other interests seem more important to them (notably school or academic success, the transition to working life, the creation of a household, etc.). This gives rise to the need for youngsters to appropriate the tools and mechanisms of participation in Luxembourg: the need for structural knowledge on the concepts of participation and politics in general participation and politics in general: a need for basic information on the Luxembourg political system, on system, on participation mechanisms, on participation as an essential value in democracies...

The goals are...

- To promote youth participation through “Democracy here, democracy now” COE campaign

- To improve the political participation of young people in Luxembourg

- Empowering young people (by involving them in all the stages of the project)

- To stabilize and sustain a youth-led and youth-managed information service.

 How to achieve it?

So join us in one of the two training and become an actor of change.

The first training in november 2022

Examples of content creation